Writing Workshops

What are Writing Workshops?

The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) Writing Workshops are designed for freshman-level students in the Integrated Reading and Writing (IRW) or Composition for Multilingual Students' (CMS) Intensive Learning Program (ILP) and would benefit from additional support so they can successfully complete their SFSU first-year literacy requirements. Through group work, discussion, and a variety of low-stakes writing activiities, students learn and practice transferable skills that help them prepare for the academic challenges of college.  The focus of the Workshops is on  

  • understanding and fullfilling assignments           
  • understanding English grammar in academic writing
  • developing, supporting and focusing ideas          
  • connecting oral language with written language
  • connecting writing to reading        
  • recognizing individual patterns, including patterns of error
  • reading texts critically         
  • developing personalized systems for editing

How They Work

Groups of three to five students meet twice weekly for ten weeks with a graduate student in the MATESOL or Composition Program who has completed English 653 and/or English 704.  LAC Writing Workshop teachers participate in weekly teacher education sessions throughout the semester with an LAC faculty coordinator.  Students receive a unit of credit for English 112 for successful completion of the ten-week program.

Student Responsibilities

In order to receive a unit of credit, students need to complete the assigned reading and writing assignment on time, attend workshops regularly (no more than two absences are permitted), and participate actively in the workshops.


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