Jobs & Tutor Education

Why You Should Be a Tutor

Skills You'll Develop:

  • Learning Effective Teaching Methods
  • Practicing Learner-Centered Instruction
  • Motivating Students
  • Setting Goals and Learning Outcomes
  • Strengthening Your Content Knowledge

Requirements for First Semester Tutors:

AU 697/796, Tutoring Across Disciplines, is a required three-unit, semester-long course designed to support new LAC tutors in their development at the LAC. Over the course of the semester, tutors will explore best practices by studying academic and practical approaches to tutoring and teaching while gaining hands-on tutoring experience with SFSU students. Weekly reading and writing assignments as well as a final culminating project are required. By helping students learn, tutors will develop a more flexible and effective approach to their own reading and writing or math/science tasks, as well as add to their own repertoire of study skills. Through varied teaching and learning opportunities, such as observation and reflection, tutors learn to become more effective teachers and communicators. Class meets once per week. 

How to Apply to Tutor for Fall 2017:

Both graduate and undergraduate students can apply to be an LAC tutor. Use the links on the right in the menu titled 'Job Openings' to access full job descriptions.

Employment Application

Contact person: Deborah vanDommelen, Director   Email:

Complete and return the application packet to one of the following:

  • the LAC reception area, HSS 348 or
  • the following address:
    Deborah vanDommelen
    Office of Undergraduate Studies, ADM 447
    San Francisco State University
    1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132

Steps for Completing Applications for All Positions:

1. Complete the application for Student Assistant/Work Study. Students with work-study awards are encouraged to apply.

2. Attach (mandatory)

  • Unofficial transcripts (and/or from other institutions if fewer than three semesters at SF State).
  • An informal resume which lists or briefly describes relevant experience
  • A cover letter including times you are available for interviews (see above)
  • Reading /Writing/Study Skills applicants, provide:
    • a list of relevant coursework and instructors (e.g. English 653 - Olsher, English 704 - Roberge)
    • a recent, graded expository essay
  • Math /Sciences /Study Skills applicants, provide:
    • a list of relevant coursework
    • a list of SF State courses you can tutor (See online course descriptions on the SF State web site.)

3. Meet the following other requirements

  • All students who work at the LAC must be enrolled at least half-time: 6 units for undergraduates, 4 units for graduates. Work-study and international students must be enrolled full-time.

Reading/Writing/ Study Skills seminar meets Wednesdays 9:00-11:00.

Math/Sciences/Study Skills seminar meets Wednesdays 4:00-6:00.

  • ALL APPLICANTS must be available for the LAC Orientation on Tuesday, August 22 from 9:00-noon and the LAC All Staff Workshop on Saturday, September 9 from 9:00-2:00.

 Only COMPLETE APPLICATIONS will be considered.



(415) 338-1993

Learning Assistance Center
HSS 348 | San Francisco State University | 1600 Holloway Avenue | San Francisco, CA 94132

Monday -Thursday 9 AM-4 PM | Friday 9 AM-12 PM