Information for Students

Scheduling an Appointment

Before making an appointment with a tutor, each semester you need to fill out a registration form. You can download the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) registration form here or come to the LAC and complete it.   Once you've registered with us, you're able to call in over the phone to make weekly or one-time appointments.

Weekly Appointments

Weekly appointments are 50-minute sessions scheduled every week at the same time with the same tutor. This type of tutoring is best if you

  • are worried about failing
  • are taking a remedial class
  • are re-taking a class
  • can commit to spending an hour a week for tutoring

Weekly appointments may be for individuals, pairs of students or small groups of students who have the same teacher. You may have up to two weekly appointments, one with a reading/ writing/ study skills tutor and one with a math/ sciences/ study skills tutor. In addition to your weekly appointments, you may also come for same-day and one-time tutoring.

One-Time Appointments

We have one-time tutoring appointments open on our schedule that you can reserve the same day or during the current week. You may telephone or walk in to reserve a tutoring slot for the same day, but please know that students who are waiting in the hallway outside HSS 348 before 9:00 AM will be served first.  

This type of tutoring is best if you

  • are doing well in general but get stuck on a specific problem or concept
  • have done well in previous classes
  • have a specific question to ask
  • want some tutoring help but cannot commit to coming every week

Late Policy

If there are students waiting, we may give your appointment to another student if you are more than 10 minutes late.
If you cancel or don't show up for a scheduled appointment, it may not be possible to make another appointment that week.


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