Embedded Tutor Program


What the Embedded Tutor Program Provides

The Embedded Tutor Program places experienced LAC tutors in writing extensive classes for one-two semesters.  In past semesters, tutors have worked with English 104/105, 201/202, 114/209, 214/215 and GWAR classes.  Embedded tutors attend at least one class session a week, though some choose to attend more frequently.  They follow along with the curriculum and complete relevant reading assigments, and if the instructor permits, communicate with students outside class via email, and on ilearn.  

How Embedded Tutors Differ from Other LAC Tutors

Tutors who have more, and more varied, contact with students, and understand an instructor's curriculum and approach are better prepared to work with students.  Also, because embedded tutors work mainly with the students from the classes they are embedded in, they have a special focus at the center; in addition to attending class, tutors meet once a week with an LAC faculty member for seminar-style workshops to discuss best practices for their unique situations.

How Embedded Tutoring Work for Students

Sessions with students can take a number of forms:

  • Individual weekly meetings: 50 minutes once a week a the same time each week
  • Group meetings: either once or twice a week: 50 minute sessions in groups of 2-5 students, sometimes with planned lessons
  • Drop in hours: sometimes once a week, sometime scheduled around assignment due dates, for one or more students.  Tutors can announce these clinic hours ahead of time in class and/ or over ilearn.

Students may receive one unit of credit for attending weekly tutoring if they sign up during our pre-registration perious, which takes place during the first two week of the semester.

If you're interested in learning more about the program or having an embedded tutor in your class for the semester, please contact the Karen Wiederholt at 415-338-1994 or kwied@sfsu.edu.


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