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Our Tutors

Our tutors, both SF State graduate and upper-division undergraduate students, come to us from a range of academic programs, including but not limited to English Literature, TESOL, Linguistics, English Education, Creative Writing, Ethnic Studies, History, Math, Statistics, Finance, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, and Engineering.  Many of them have teaching experience and/or plan to become teachers in the future.  Our tutors can not only help you with the subject matter of your classes, but can also provide you with skills, such as time management, note-taking and reading strategies, skills you can apply to all of your classes at SF State.

LAC Tutor Education and Training

In addition to being successful students in their majors, during their first semester at the LAC, tutors also take a semester-long tutoring course where they learn various strategies, skills and best practices to help you become a stronger learner.   In subsequent semesters, tutors attend weekly or bi-weekly meetings with an LAC faculty coordinator, where they focus on working with pairs and groups of students; other LAC tutors are embedded in particular classes, learning more about how to deliver course content to individual and groups of students.   

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