Information for Faculty and Staff

Referring Students

If you'd like to refer a student, use the Referral Form for Faculty (Online) to describe the areas and skills you feel the student needs to work on to succeed in your course. If you are referring a student for help with writing, please encourage the student to bring a sample of their writing, with your comments, and a copy of the prompt. 

If you'd like to use a paper form to refer students, in addition to or in place of the online form, use the Referral Form for Faculty (Hard Copy) to print and give to your students.


Support for Faculty

The LAC faculty supports SF State instructors across disciplines. Among other things, we can visit your classes to

  • teach lessons on individual writing tasks, from paragraph organization to APA citation skills
  • help you design or redesign writing assignments
  • offer workshops for your students on specific writing tasks
  • assist with peer review
  • support you in giving effective feedback to multilingual writers


Introducing Resources to Your Classes

If you'd like your students to take advantage of tutoring at the LAC, we suggest you try one or more of the following to introduce our servies and destigmatize tutoring:

  • Recommend our services to your students.
  • Invite us to come speak with your class about the services we provide.
  • Mention us in your syllabus.
  • Give bonus points/extra credit to students for conferring with a tutor.
  • Require individual students with particular needs to visit us.
  • Make a Learning Assistance Center (LAC) visit part of your assignment.

The LAC staff will be happy to visit your class to introduce campus tutoring services to your students. Please contact us at 338-1993 or at to discuss your class goals and to set up a convenient time to visit.


(415) 338-1993

Learning Assistance Center
HSS 348 | San Francisco State University | 1600 Holloway Avenue | San Francisco, CA 94132

Monday -Thursday 9 AM-4 PM | Friday 9 AM-12 PM